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Idea about a new Security on DSPConduct


Hi team, attached an idea about which we would like to discuss, it regards the security configuration and a different way to approach. We just want to bring what we experienced in Carlsberg.
In this project we have complex security configuration, 7k+ positions. This because all the Plants and Companies have more or less the same requirements for the security, so a similar position is replicated for all the Plants ( if is material ) or Company ( if is Customer ), the only thing that changes are the OrgUnits assigned to the Position. Discussing with the client raised the idea to move the OrgUnit1 OrgUnit2 and OrgUnit3 at user level, so we will have a general position with BusinessProcesses, Roles and all the available OrgUnits and when this position is assigned to the user, only at that moment, we link the OrgUnits to which the user will have access. This would decrece drastically the number of the records on ttPosition, ttPositionBusinessProcess, ttPositionRole. Let us know what do you think about this idea, if is feasible or is completely a bad and wrong idea. We just would like to discuss about.

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  • Jan 31 2017
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