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Conditions on Tasks with in a Role

What is it?

Based on the data and conditions defined, Roles with in a scenario changes. Can we have same functionality for tasks? i.e. based on the data defined we should be able to fluctuate tasks with in a role. 

Maybe the functionality exists and i might not be aware of it.

If not, people may suggest to use different role than tasks. But business users may/will expect to have single role with multiple tasks assigned and its purely dependent on the business process that is required.


Why is it useful?

  • We do not need to define same securities for new role.
  • Same user need not have multiple roles.


How should it work?

Similar way of defining conditions for roles.

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  • Oct 17 2017
  • Planned
  • Mar 16, 2018

    Admin response

    Right now, this is implemented on site via multiple ways.  If you want to have many tasks in the Role, a custom stored procedure can be put on a dependent role's Finish Event that dynamically removes the Task Record in ttRequestRoleTask.

    A lot of implementations actually opt for having only one supertask (PM recommends to have as many that make sense at the Request Role level).  If there is only one task the page can drive you to all the other subtasks that exist and Data Control Views and validations can drive the dynamic inclusion and required additional data.

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