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Purging of rt<Template Name>Compare Table


dspCompose:Service (Purge Posting Archives) runs stored proc webServicePurgePostingArchives_OnValidate_rtScriptIDDel to delete data from the rt<Template Name> table where PostedOn < (Today - ztParam.PostingArchiveRetentionInterval) days.


There isn't a corresponding purge of the rt<Template Name>Compare Table.  As the rt<Template Name>Compare table is used in conjunction with rt<Template Name> for the Archive report (and contains related data) shouldn't it be subject to the same purge process?

Without this consultants need to develop custom functionality to implement the client’s data retention policy.

Could we implement an On Cascade Delete FK constraint from rt<Template Name>Compare to rt<Template Name> for this purpose or add delete functionality to webServicePurgePostingArchives_OnValidate_rtScriptIDDel?

  • Nigel Vickers
  • Jan 31 2017
  • Unlikely to Implement
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