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dspCompose/Integrate - Which record is it currently on

This idea stems from a Zen Desk ticket I opened up. #9481.

There is no way to currently monitor what record the dspCompose Integrate posting record is on. Sometimes, a post can go for hours and we start to question where it is in the process or if the job says "posting" but might just be "stuck". The only thing I could think to do is randomly check records directly in SAP. 

The example is in the Zen Desk ticket. We had 377 records in the dspCompose template and it took over 3 hours to post. I had no idea where it was in the posting process. 


  • Allison Berube
  • Mar 15 2018
  • Planned
  • Mar 26, 2018

    Admin response

    Thanks for registering the request.  We agree that additional information being captured / made available during and after the posting process for investigating issues around performance and potential failures if a worthwhile improvement.  We have moved this idea into the product backlog and will prioritise against the existing tickets. 

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