dspCompose/Integrate - Posting Metrics

This idea stems from a Zen Desk ticket I opened up. #9481.


When starting this idea, I found DSP Idea COMPOSE-I-11 which already goes over part of my idea. We need to know actual post start times for dspCompose Requests. When they are scheduled, Integrate doesn't capture the actual post start time. The JobQueue is the only place where I can find that start time. When the JobQueue is trimmed, we lose visibility to that info.


The other part of this idea is to capture metrics for each dspCompose template. It would be beneficial to capture the number of records and the actual posting time by template. Right now we have no real way of knowing how long a dspCompose request may take unless a Request still has the corresponding Integrate JobQueue record.

  • Allison Berube
  • Mar 15 2018
  • Planned
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