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Workflow link to Your Reports

In Cransoft DataDialysis, the workflow link at the bottom of emails connected back directly to the exact report that the workflow email referenced. The Workflow link in dspMonitor seems only to return the user to the full page "Your Reports" forcing the user to search, filter or scan for the report referenced in the email. Is this change by design or is it a configurable option?

I've attached screen shots of the difference between Cransoft DataDialysis and dspMonitor.
Hi Paul,I am not sure if this change is by design but the Service Page that has the WorkFlow Event doesn't have any binding criteria but since this is a System Page, it cannot be changed.I will check with the developer to see the reason behind this change and whether I should create a developer ticket or not.

Patty Conrad

Thank you Patty. If there is no work around, the client will be disappointed about the degraded functionality since they used the link in CS DD daily.
Hi Paul,What version of CranSoft/DataDialysis are you running?  

Patty Conrad

Cransoft / DataDialysis 5.4

In the Datadialysis 5.6, that I was reviewing, the binding criteria is not being used in the workflow and the Interface Server isn't involved so I have to think that the WorkFlow link did not filter the page by the Report.  Maybe in DD 5.4 it did?As I mentioned earlier, there isn't any Binding Criteria set up in the WorkFlow Event for the service WorkFlow pages for dspMonitor so there is not filtering on the Reports page when the user clicks on the WorkFlow Link.I think your next best step would be to add this suggestion to the DSP Ideas Portal.  I will go ahead and close this issue but please reply back if you have any more comments and the issue will be reopened.

Patty Conrad

  • Paul Garner
  • Mar 31 2017
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