Add Compose parameter to control UserCredential Button


We should add a parameter to allow the User Credential button to be hidden on the Compose Request (Post) page.

The Compose parameter page already  includes flags to activate or hide the Foreground and Background post buttons on the Compose Request (Post) page. The User Credential button is unnecessary clutter for all clients who use a central ID to post to each registered data source.  The User Credential button is more likely to be unused than either of the buttons that are controllable.  Still, the User Credential button on that same page doesn't have the flexibility that we've included for the other two buttons.  

If we took a few moments to add this feature, clients could use it to simplify their UI and consequently their end user training.  It would also provide a more consistent set of features.



  • John Grippa
  • Feb 3 2017
  • Future consideration
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