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dspCompose - List box Functionality


When downloading Excel in DSPCompose 6.2.1, The description from the list box is always added to the key.  If the list box is constructed with the key plus Description using a hyphen, the upload process fails.  If the list box is constructed with the key plus description using a different technique, the list box in Excel has the key listed twice.


There is a minor useability issue as well as the downloaded data only contains the key, but the pull down and any changed data contains the key plus the description.


The downloaded data also looks different than the data does on the edit screens within dspCompose.


Methodology and the product should be developed with techniques and information as to the proper way to create populate list boxes so that the upload/download functionality has the correct data at all times.


Dallas Monday, Doug Halverson, W. Matthew Wagnon


This document has some information about how list boxes must be handled in the current version - dspCompose Tips and Tricks

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  • Feb 1 2017
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  • May 12, 2017

    Admin response

    The Framework Excel integration should replace the compose excel functionality. so this is unlikely to implement.

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